Creating a Positive Workplace for Your Employees in Central Virginia

Creating a positive work environment for your employees is essential for any business, especially in Central Virginia. It's important to ensure excellent communication, foster diversity and inclusion (D&I), and invest in your employees from the moment they're hired. Managers should meet or talk to their employees regularly to measure their level of engagement and find out what keeps them motivated. Celebrating innovative solutions can encourage other employees to take similar risks in the future.

Investing in your employees can improve employee retention by 82 percent, according to a Glassdoor study. Mentoring and outreach programs are also great ways to help your employees grow and develop. Julie Alexander, CEO of REMS Norfolk, Colliers, Norfolk, has been in the professional real estate services and investment management industry for over 35 years. She sponsors the SimVentions Women in Leadership program to provide mentoring, networking and collaboration on the unique challenges faced by women in the industry. She also mentors Cox employees and helps other professionals through organizations such as Women in Cable Telecommunications and the National Association of Multiethnic People in Communications. Christopher Newport University's Luter School of Business also provides mentoring and outreach to undergraduate and graduate students in business programs.

Aldrich is a member of the board of trustees of this school, helping others achieve their goals. The Small Business Administration's Mentor and Protected Program promotes the development of start-ups. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has also been working hard to meet the certification and training needs of local government and businesses during this difficult time. This incredible team of auditors is unparalleled in their commitment, dedication, and focus to helping the Office of Children's Services and more than 100 local Children's Services Act programs improve their operations and achieve their goals. By providing excellent communication, promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I), investing in your employees from the moment they're hired, and offering mentoring and outreach programs, you can create a positive work environment for your employees in Central Virginia that will help them reach their full potential. This will not only benefit your business but also help create a better society overall.

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