Unlock the Secrets of Local Businesses in Central Virginia

Are you looking to find out about new products and services offered by local businesses in Central Virginia? If so, you've come to the right place. The Business Development and Outreach Services (BDOS) division of the Small Business Development Center (SBSD) is here to help. Our office provides assistance with SBA services, including funding programs, counseling, federal contracting certifications, and disaster recovery. We can also connect you with our partner organizations, lenders, and other community groups that help small businesses succeed.

The SBSD BDOS team offers individual business counseling sessions to help small businesses get the support they need. We also have an Arlington business directory that connects customers with small businesses in the community. This directory includes information on Small Business Administration and GO VIRGINIA, a state-funded initiative administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). Athena Construction Group is just one example of a successful small business in Central Virginia.

This contracting and construction company has been in operation for 15 years and employs 55 people across four offices. They have also taken advantage of the Scaling4Growth program, an MBA from StreetWise that helps qualified companies take their business to the next level. If you're looking for something specific, you can search for small businesses in Arlington based on a keyword or industry using the tool in the search box. You can also check the Made in Arlington box to find products made in our county.

Additionally, SBSD offers a half-day workshop called Entrepreneur Express for those researching the creation of a business or for small business owners who have been in business for less than three years. At SBSD, we are committed to helping small businesses succeed. Our team provides resources ranging from outreach and funding services to certification for state and federal programs that support the growth and sustainability of small businesses. If you're looking for new products and services offered by local businesses in Central Virginia, contact us today to learn more.

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